About Us

Who We Are

Jason Harding Productions Ltd is an animation and creative production studio. Our multi-disciplined team of animators, illustrators, designers and directors create striking and engaging visual content for broadcast, print, online and mobile platforms.

We believe in creating memorable experiences through an array of creative disciplines, offering a complete set of production services from script to screen. We bring together concept art, character design, storyboarding, 2d and 3d animation, motion graphics, post production, sound design, vfx and app development, all under one roof.

Who We Work For

We work with a number of digital agencies, as well as direct with brands and companies, continuing to produce animations and digital content for clients including Guy Ritchie, Nissan, LG, Hugo Boss, Prada, Guinness, Castrol, Absolut and Dorling Kindersley.

Our Story

Jason Harding Productions Ltd was founded by Jason Harding in 2012, built off the back of over a decade of experience working as a digital artist and animator for many advertising, publishing, TV, editing, post production and VFX clients.

Jason graduated from university in 2005 with a degree in traditional 2d and 3d animation. His final year film, a short story entitled Boy and the Dinosaur, not only went on to win a number of young film maker awards, it also established Jason as an exciting and fresh-thinking new talent in the field of animation and helped to establish him as digital artist in his own right. This animated tale got picked up by a renowned children’s TV producer and after several years of development it is now being turned in to a pre-school children’s TV series.

It is this vast experience across the many areas of digital production, coupled with Jason’s passion and desire to produce visually engaging content that forms the foundation of what Jason Harding Productions strives to achieve.