Boy and the Dinosaur 3d Animation

In 2005 Jason made a short animation for his graduate university film. It told the story of a young boy who wishes on a shooting star for a pet dinosaur, dreaming about all the fun adventures they could have together and then having his dream come true. This film won a number of awards and was shown on the satellite TV channel Propellor where it was spotted renowned publisher, writer and children’s TV producer Russell Deaver.

Russell loved the animation and was so inspired he wanted to develop the characters and turn the short film in to a pre school children’s TV series. Years of planning and preparation went by until in February 2012 Russell had assembled a talented team of artists, animators, a script writer, producer and director and work began on the pilot episode.

Now complete, the pilot episode has been extremely successful and is receiving interest from some of the biggest broadcasters around the globe, including Disney and Nickleodeon. Full production of 52 episodes for the series is due to begin late 2013.

Special thanks go to producer Russell Deaver, directors David Bunting and Paul Couvela, writer Davey Moore, exectutive producers Jo Kavanagh-Payne and Gregory Payne and Manchester based animation house Studio Distract. Without these amazing talents none of this would have been possible.

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